Metal Allergies and Dental Implants

Metal Allergies and Dental Implants

Metal Allergies with Dental Implants in Madison, AL

Metal allergies are rare with dental implants, though some patients with nickel and other metal allergies can experience problems with the dental metals used in posts, crowns, and dental implants. Most implants are made of unalloyed titanium, meaning that other highly allergenic metals, such as nickel, are not mixed with the titanium when constructing the implant.

Implants made from unalloyed titanium form a titanium oxide layer on the surface that is not soluble in body fluids, making allergy incidence very low. There are metal free options for patients who cannot tolerate titanium, as well. Allergy testing may be recommended for patients with metal sensitivity that need tooth replacement.

According to research, there is a low incidence of patients that experience allergies or cannot tolerate titanium implants. Studies show that patients having lost implants for no other known reason had a high incidence of metal allergies. If you have known or suspected allergies to any metals, be sure to let Dr. John Lane know if you are considering implant placement in Madison, AL.

When looking for tooth replacement options, dental implants can be one of the best solutions. Even if the titanium implant is a viable option for your case, the type of abutment and crown used is important to consider. Many of the less expensive crowns available to place over an implant are alloyed metals with nickel or other metals that have a higher allergy incidence. There are other options for the abutments and crowns that do not contain metal. Two of the most successful alternatives are ceramic and zirconia. These biocompatible materials offer a natural tooth appearance for the crown and are less irritating to the surrounding gum tissue for patients with sensitivity to metals.

Patients who want tooth replacement and are considering dental implants in Madison, AL can call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Lane for more information. Be sure to inform Dr. Lane of any allergies or concerns that you have.


Dr. John Lane is the only periodontist in North Alabama with American Board of Periodontology Certification.

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